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Tag: Structural Health


Challenges, secrets and records of the world’s greatest bridges

Suspended or cable-stayed, viaducts or railway bridges, here are the grand projects revolutionizing mobility. Can a bridge revive the economy of a territory? History tells us yes. When in 1933 American President Theodore Roosevelt celebrated the beginning of the construction of…

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10 Big Findings from the 2023 IPCC Report on Climate Change

March 20 marked the release of the final installment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), an eight-year long undertaking from the world’s most authoritative scientific body on climate change. Drawing on the findings of 234…

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Can fibre optic cables provide early earthquake warnings?

Scientists are developing a new earthquake warning system called distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), which uses fibre optic cables to detect seismic waves and has the potential to provide more extensive coverage than traditional systems. When two massive earthquakes struck southern Türkiye…

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Hearing the Light: DAS could Revolutionize Subsea Defense

During the summer of 2020, a group of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) marine scientists based on the Svalbard archipelago successfully detected the vocalizations of baleen whales frolicking in Arctic Ocean and North Sea, some 70-90 kilometers away. At…

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Sensing whales, storms, ships and earthquakes using an Arctic fibre optic cable

Martin Landrø, Léa Bouffaut, Hannah Joy Kriesell, John Robert Potter, Robin André Rørstadbotnen, Kittinat Taweesintananon, Ståle Emil Johansen, Jan Kristoffer Brenne, Aksel Haukanes, Olaf Schjelderup & Frode Storvik  Abstract Our oceans are critical to the health of our planet and its…

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