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Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies that protect our environment

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies that protect our environment

Striving for Sustainability with Advanced Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in achieving sustainability by enabling us to create innovative solutions that reduce our impact on the environment and promote more efficient use of resources.

Monitoring strategic capital assets using modern & innovative fiber optic sensing technologies may prevent an environmental catastrophe to occur by detecting an initial anomaly in the system.

With this approach, not only it will save the resources that would otherwise be lost forever and preserve the environment to a great extent, but it will also prevent major health risks to the surrounding population, providing an effective means to our customers to mitigate environmental risks.

It is also responsible for corporate governance to employ such advanced technologies to mitigate risks by monitoring capital assets in a precise, continuous, and real-time manner. 

DFOST® provide sustainable opportunities and solutions for infrastructure operators and owners to gain valuable and critical insights into their capital assets by monitoring them proactively to mitigate the impact and improve operational efficiency. These assets can range from railways to highways, from gas to water pipelines, from long bridges to tunnels, from offshore to onshore wind farms, and from aerial to subsea power cables.

DFOST® provide total integrated solutions to enable its customers to positively impact their corporation and the environment in a sustainable way.


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