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Challenges, secrets and records of the world’s greatest bridges

Suspended or cable-stayed, viaducts or railway bridges, here are the grand projects revolutionizing mobility. Can a bridge revive the economy of a territory? History tells us yes. When in 1933 American President Theodore Roosevelt celebrated the beginning of the construction of...
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Seismology at light speed: How fiber-optic telecommunications cables deliver a close-up view of Alpine Fault

By Meghan S. Miller, John Townend and Voon Hui Lai, The Conversation Aotearoa New Zealand experiences frequent earthquakes, including destructive ones such as those that struck Christchurch in 2010 and 2011, and near Kaikōura in 2018. In the South Island, the...
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Lighting up Internet cables to help better prepare for earthquakes

A first-of-its-kind experiment led by researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) could help make sure communities around the world are better prepared to deal with earthquakes. The experiment was conducted along the Alpine Fault in New Zealand – a geological...
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The Age of AI has begun

Artificial intelligence is as revolutionary as mobile phones and the Internet. By Bill Gates In my lifetime, I’ve seen two demonstrations of technology that struck me as revolutionary. The first time was in 1980, when I was introduced to a graphical...
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